Stress Testing of the Dam Easy Flood Barriers for Flood Protection


Are you in an area of potential flooding?

Do you have a Flood Insurance Policy?

Do you need Flood Control and Flood Barriers in Ireland, England or Worldwide?

Do you need a Flood Protection system for your home?

Do you have clients in Flood risk locations?

We have been asked in the past, how effective our Dam Easy Flood Barrier is for Flood Protection?

The answer is the Flood Barrier is very effective in a flooding situation to protect your home or premises.

In this video it shows we have tested the flood barriers with 22 tonnes of pressure and water. Each flood barrier is connected with a Dam Easy Extension Pole. You can purchase one flood barrier or multiple and they all connect using this extension pole.

Are you ready to protect your property with a Dam Easy Flood Barrier? The Flood Barriers are very easy to install and require no fixings. We offer a durable flood barrier to prevent water or flood damage to your home or business. You receive value for money and a guarantee a quality product.

We supply this Dam Easy Flood Barrier to homes and premises in Ireland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, anywhere in Europe, Australia, Philippines, Florida, America, Mexico and India. The Flood Protection Barrier is sold Worldwide. 

If you are interested in purchasing or supplying our Dam Easy Flood Barrier

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