Reduce your Flood Risk


Know the Risk

  • Do you live in flood affected area?
  • Check online flood mapping for your area
  • Check flood points in your home (as per checklist attached)

Make a Plan

  • Make a plan in Preparation for flooding
  • Make sure everyone in your home or business knows what to do

Repair and Seal

  • Check all windows and any external openings and use Silicone
    Sealant, expandable foam or adhesive patches to seal

Have the Right Flood Protection Products

  • Make sure you have the right products for your home
  • Door Barrier, Brick Vent Covers, Toilet Bladders etc.


Q - What size doorway does the Barrier cover?

A - Reveal width from 780mm (30.7 inches) to
1100mm (43.3 inches) and from 660mm
(65.3 inches) to wider openings with Multiple
Barriers and Extension Pole.

Q - What if my doorway width is 1120mm
(44.8 inches) to 1650mm (64.9 inches)?

A - Currently our Barriers do not fit these reveal widths

Q - What depth does the reveal need to be for the barrier to fit?

A - 75mm (2.9 inches) and if you are using the
Extension Pole 120mm (4.7 inches)

Q - What is a Reveal?

A - This is the surrounding area of your doorway

Q - Can I put the Barrier in a Doorframe ?

A - We do not recommend this as water may come
in through door frame surrounds. However if
your door frame is fully sealed it is possible

Q - How long does it take to position the Barrier in place?

A - Maximum four minutes