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May 3, 2017
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dameasy flood barrier

Dameasy Flood Barrier


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dameasy flood barrier

dameasy flood barrier protects House or property from Flood. Barriers and Accessories which have EVA Approval and are easy to install

What is flood barrier

Dam Easy’s® USP is that it is an “off-the-shelf and ready-to-use product“ which allows the product to be sold in most retail outlets.
It is the only domestic flood barrier with a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal.

dameasy flood defence
Know the Risk
House Flood Protection with Dameasy Flood Barriers Accessories
Do you live in flood affected area?
Check online flood mapping for your area
House Flood Protection with Dameasy Flood Barriers Accessories
Check flood points in your home (as per checklist attached)

Make a Plan

Make a plan in Preparation for flooding
Make sure everyone in your home or business knows what to do

Repair and Seal

Check all windows and any external openings and use Silicone
Sealant, expandable foam or adhesive patches to seal
House Flood Protection with Dameasy Flood Barriers Accessories
Have the Right Flood Protection Products

Make sure you have the right products for your home
Door Barrier, Brick Vent Covers, Toilet Bladders etc.


Q – What size doorway does the Barrier cover?

A – Reveal width from 780mm (30.7 inches) to
1100mm (43.3 inches) and from 660mm
(65.3 inches) to wider openings with Multiple
Barriers and Extension Pole.

Q – What if my doorway width is 1120mm
(44.8 inches) to 1650mm (64.9 inches)?

A – Currently our Barriers do not fit these reveal widths

Q – What depth does the reveal need to be for the barrier to fit?

A – 75mm (2.9 inches) and if you are using the
Extension Pole 120mm (4.7 inches)

Q – What is a Reveal?

A – This is the surrounding area of your doorway

Q – Can I put the Barrier in a Doorframe ?

A – We do not recommend this as water may come
in through door frame surrounds. However if
your door frame is fully sealed it is possible
House Flood Protection with Dameasy Flood Barriers Accessories
Q – How long does it take to position the Barrier in place?

A – Maximum four minutes

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