Dam Easy® Extension Pole

The Dameasy Extension Pole allows the use of multiple barriers covering openings from 1660mm. to widths beyond 3000mm.

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Dameasy Extension Pole

Dameasy Extension Pole protect your property in the event of flooding and are easy to install requiring no tools or fixings.

How Dameasy Extension Pole can protect your home

Dam Easy® Flood Barrier Door Dam

Dam Easy’s® USP is that it is an “off-the-shelf and ready-to-use product“ which allows the product to be sold in most retail outlets.
It is the only domestic flood barrier with a unique patented pneumatic pump action seal.
One barrier covers four variants of our competitors barriers with the ability to extend from 780mm to 1100mm
Dam Easy’s® packaging, shipper and merchandising solution allows most retailers to easily stock the product. Shipper units are available in 2 sizes, holding either 5 or 10.
Dam Easy® is simply easy and can be installed by anyone with no fixings, either temporary or permanent.
Dam Easy® has been certified by EVH (European flood protection agency), TUV SUD & has CE certification.
Dam Easy® is priced at a mid price point for a premium product and is very competitive on price and quality.

In cases such as tidal and flash flooding, measures greater than protecting the structure of the home are required.

Sea defence, permanent barriers and large scale drainage schemes are the first line of defence.

Urban, fluvial, pluvial flooding can be defended with either home specific drainage works, structural changes and domestic flood defences.
dameasy Extension Pole
dameasy flood barrier